Are Sleeping Pills Bad or Good?

Sleeping pills are known as sedatives and these supplements can be bought over-the-counter (OTC) as medication for any person who had problems during sleep time and might be leed to insomnia but let’s tackle this how are we going to use them properly, benefits and drawbacks of these pills,  for the past few months we have conducted researches about it together with our sleep-specialist who are doctors. We have gathered a group of people that shares their experience of sleeping pills. Based on our research it shows in data that 4 out of 10 women are using sleeping pills. This means that women have a higher number of consumer’s rate, So why women are the majority of the users? A sleep-specialists once say that there could be a lot of reason why they are using it, some used it because of stress or hormones that kick in their system, and they believe that sleeping pills could help them somehow, as when using sleeping pills it increases the amount of deep sleep so in the next morning you feel refreshed because it reduced night-time wakefulness and the good thing about this medication is already available over-the-counter in any pharmacy. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s because you can purchase it without a doctor’s prescription, you can take it daily as much as you want, you should be aware of the limits intake.

As this will lead to a drop in your blood pressure when taking it for more than 2 weeks, it is also indicated in the label how long should you take it. You should properly orient yourself when taking it, as all excess can be harmful. One of the over the counter pills is diphenhydramine, it’s a type of anti-histamine medication, we are aware that anti-histamine can also make you fall asleep, so if you are having an allergy reaction and you do feel restless you may take this medication. But never mix it with other medications as it can be dangerous, only take pills if you think you can’t have a proper sleep.

Some users would say that they still feel tired after taking sleeping pills, it seems like it’s not useful for them and they still feel restless as well, medication takes effect on the next day after taking it, and it can make you feel tired which can lead to accidents and blurry vision and lack of mental alertness that’s the problem we can think about somehow.

One of the users confessed that she’s taking over the counter pills just to have a good night sleep. She tried so hard all over-the-counter pills, during medications she said during the talk that she feels cranky and can’t function well at work she just wants to go home and sleep all night. And this might be the aftermath of the pills, taking pills is always okay because it will help to have a restful night but the only problem is the next morning you feel groggy and forgetful, and when you’re at work you still feel sleepy. So what to do about it? When you have work to do and you are sleepy? Well, it would end you up to indulge yourself with the help of caffeine so you’ll gonna have a cup of coffee to stay awake. But can we be satisfied with only one cup of coffee? I bet no because we will keep wanting more until we get satisfied, and we know that too much caffeine is not good for the body and it can also make you stay awake throughout the night so you’ll have another pill to get to sleep so the cycle will remain the same, The research found that these sleeping pills do help you get enough sleep but never be addicted or dependent on sleeping pills, intake in moderation to avoid complications.