There are statements that people tend to use sleeping pills the time when sought for doctors prescribed medication to treat their depression or trauma from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, these could be someone who lost their loved ones or people who traumatize about an accident that couldn’t make them fall asleep due to guilt.

When do you decide if you should take sleeping pills?

These are common questions that usually getting from people having trouble sleeping, even though they have doubts about having side-effects and other drawbacks that could be mean harmful not just to the body but also psychologically. So let’s start with the statements from people taking sleeping pills, they just use it because they have a reason, and that is from the PTSD, they’re having insomnia, or nightmares that make them fully awake in the middle sleeping or not getting sleep at all.

It is extremely important that people should have a good rest, and sleeping is one-part of our 24 hour daily lives that we regenerate and repair all the tissues and cells in our body. Though there are indeed people who really don’t get normal sleep at all, and this is called insomnia – one of the most common problems people do seek medical attention.

Hypnotics is a common medication for sleep problems effectively and it’s very useful, and there are a variety of sleeping aid;

Barbiturates – commonly used for treatment for insomnia but later on people stop using them because it’s reportedly recently of harmful effects of an overdose that is risky to be used.

Benzodiazepines – the most popular over-the-counter sleeping pills, it still the same effect as other sleeping pills but its too addictive that people tend to abuse this medication in order just to get sleep.

Non-benzodiazepines – Are currently the most recommended medication prescribed by doctors for sleep problems. Having similar beneficial effects, the only difference is non-benzos are not additive. The only thing with this is the side effects of having a dowsing effect, sluggish, and weakens after waking up in the morning.

Sleeping disorder is too broad to explain and there are different types of problem sleeping and to distinguish a certain medication that could affect the natural sleep-hormone called melatonin or also called orexin.

Tricyclic-antidepressant also shows the good sign in treatment, and most doctors consider this as the primary prescription. Other than that antihistamine is also found improvement for sleeping – this is usually used for treating allergies. Antihistamine could also be bought Over-the-counter and many people reported the efficacy of this sleeping aid. 

If there’s another way to treat sleeping problems, one of the most recommended is CBT-I also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. It’s more beneficial than taking all of the above mention medication earlier because it identifies first the root of the problem and at some point, it will give a solution to that and it will start directly to medicate the primary problem of a person.


Overall, It is important to take close care of your physician and always update if you have a problem to address the situation. Never lie and always follow what being instructed and soon you will realize that everything will back to normal.