If you have a deep sleep at night that’s great, but to those who have sleepless nights can be troublesome, Insomnia will always be an issue we might suffer from time to time, moving forward we will sort them all and talk about it deeper, with thorough research we have asked the sleep doctor the following. How does this problem occur? Are there any ways to avoid this? Is it safe to take sleeping pills every day? A specialist says that insomnia occurs if we are stressed over something, you may be able to cure it by using sleeping aid but they also warn that we should also be careful when taking sleeping pills. The only thing that matters about sleeping pills can lead to addiction, as when you become dependent on them you can no longer sleep without them. 

What can be the reason why we are taking sleeping pills? Now let’s go deeper to its root. The most common disease is depression, when you have certain anxiety you will also feel restless, it can be stressful whenever you have no enough sleep and your only solution is to get yourself a sleeping pill. Another reason is for congestive heart failure, some patients who heart failure experiences that whenever they lay down in bed the can feel that they are out of breathing, and their key is to ask for a doctor’s prescription, Other than prescription they can just get some over-the-counter just to get over it and one of the common products is Benadryl, At least 80% of the patients are actually taking their Benadryl every night before going to bed. So you have to take it properly, 


For some reason, the 25mg generic brand of Hydromine, a sleeping pill is reportedly less severe in having the risk of having side effects. Thus, some users say’ that even though they wake up as early as 3 am they don’t feel any groggy even after having a tiring day and get up with a good mood waking up with full energy. But, with diphenhydramine will last 8 hours of sleep, without taking any sleeping aid, the 3 hours of sleep feels like having an illness, gets grouchy get into the point you not getting any productive at any point.


People sought this medication thinking as maintenance, According to Drug Abuse Warning Network Report, people likely to take a sleeping pill in order to get sleep and doesn’t get any troubling sleeping and to have a good night sleep and turns out to becomes addictive and drug dependent, even though the prescribed dosage is clearly satiated, they still don’t follow the right protocol of taking the pills. Dr. Raj Dasgupta a sleep medicine specialist quoted “we don’t want people to become addicted to over-the-counter (OTC) sleeping pills, It should be taken at night where you have something really important” end of quote - It means that you shouldn’t be taking sleeping pills according to what you want to get asleep quickly, but it should be taken if you’re having trouble only or get diagnosed with insomnia or other physiological disorder getting hard to get sleep. On of the product sold OTC is Ambiena zolpidem, supposedly used as fro short term medication for people having sleeping problems, and side effect of keep using this drug will have an adverse effect of having insomnia and though stopping it won’t get you addicted to the product, and most doctors advice to a stop and you gradually diminishing wanting to take the drug and that’s time you must stop using it before you become dependent on this.


One of the products that are sold today is melatonin, it is a hormone that naturally body responds to being produced from the pineal gland that regulates circadian rhythm cycles. Mostly found in camomiles such as tea or supplements. Melatonin s a very effective calmative supplement being used to help people having problems with sleeping, thus been used for prescriptions for insomnia, jet-lag, or having an abnormal sleeping time (talking about work shift such as BPO industries or work from home setting). 


“The secret to happiness when you get older is having a good sleep” - We know a lot of people relate to this quote but yes it’s true, especially for businessmen that are having trouble sleeping thinking about what is good for the company and getting ideas over-flowing on your mind and doesn’t realize you are having trouble sleeping already. So, people should take a good night’s sleep habit at least6 to 8 hours daily to properly regenerate such as muscle tissues and brain cells.