Every medication has a risk to take while taking certain drugs, it could be fatal and also lead to serious problems that could be permanent or temporary. Side effects of taking sleeping pills may result in withdrawal-like symptoms such as nausea, headache, groggy feeling, and weakness.

So let’s start with the optimal conditions such as things that could possibly be resulting drawbacks when taking sleeping pills that we going to mention in this article.

According to the American College of Physicians from the weight of danger in connection with sleeping pills, they recommended that sleeping pills must no longer be the first-line of medication in treating insomnia, instead, the alternative for the treatment is CBT I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia).

So what is CBT I, as mention in other articles about the harm of taking sleeping pills, CBT I is a therapy that first you need to be tested on how chronic the insomnia is and how long you’ve been in trouble getting a night of good sleep, so the test will show if it’s safe to introduce the therapy, through psychological treatment for insomnia. CBT I is just effective as sleeping pills – this is in the short-term, so the benefit of this is once you finish with your therapist you can still enjoy continuously the improvement of your sleeping. Whereas, sleeping pills after you stop taking the medication – you seem to feel rebound insomnia, which you will feel worse than before after taking the medication and its started to feel weaken and become more dependent sooner.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine while using sleeping pills, mixing together with this compound will actually make you getting worse. Well, we know that people drinking alcohol get totally passed out, some say that they drink alcohol to get fall sleep well, in fact aside from the bad effect giving from drinking alcohol that lead you to serious liver problems. Alcohol is classified as a drug that produces both stimulant and sedating effects, resulting in cognitive-behavioral effects and increased heart rate and aggression that seemingly caused by stimulation. In the next morning, you will feel unfreshened and blocking all the memories that happen the time you’re drunk. REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement sleep is essential for both the brain and body. Next, let’s talk about Avoidance of Caffeine, many people say caffeine makes you more alert and make you awake, in fact, caffeine is also calcified as a drug that is called psychoactive stimulants, though there no harm is even given to children, too much will always lead to more issues. The half-life of caffeine in your body will last for 6 hours, which means that if you take a cup of coffee at noon the caffeine in that cup will last in your body around midnight, so it’s recommended to take coffee in the morning.